Dear Colleagues -

Forgive the semi-spam, but this position will definitely involve PyMOL/python-scripting!

The Structural Biology group at Exelixis in San Francisco is currently looking to hire an additional crystallographer, preferably someone with scripting and/or coding skills.  Knowledge of python and or java would be especially attractive.  If you know - or are - someone like this, I would appreciate your passing the word along.  I have included below the HR-speak version of the job ad.....

Many thanks,
Thomas Stout

NB: Applications must be directed to Exelixis Human Resources.


A position is currently available for a Ph.D. crystallographer in the Structural Biology group at Exelixis, Inc.  Located in the heart of the BioTech industry, Exelixis enjoys an intellectually stimulating environment and all of the benefits of a central San Francisco Bay Area location.  The successful candidate will be responsible for crystallizing and solving the structures of drug targets, generating and analyzing complexes with lead compounds, and participating in the lead development cycle utilizing rational, structure-based drug design. The

candidate will work closely with colleagues in Medicinal Chemistry, Genome
Biochemistry and New Leads Discovery to advance lead compounds to potential
clinical candidates.  The position requires a PhD in Chemistry, Biochemistry,
Biophysics or similar field of study, with a minimum of 2 years post-doctoral
research experience.  Candidates should have a proven record of success in
macromolecular crystallography, including the use of modern data collection
and phasing methods (cryo, S/MAD, S/MIRAS).  The successful candidate will
also demonstrate skill and enthusiasm in unix-based scripting/programming
(shell, python, java or other acceptable) aimed at streamlining
crystallographic computing.  A strong familiarity with all the standard
crystallographic tools and programs is assumed.  Experience in Unix system-management is also desirable. Qualified candidates should demonstrate

strong written, verbal and graphical communication skills and work
effectively both in a team environment and independently.  See  for more information about our rapidly expanding clinical pipeline and to direct applications to the Human Resources department.  Applications are accepted only through Human Resources.