Hi All,

PyMol has it's own default settings, many of them are the historically accepted ways to view structures, universally accepted colors, etc. and that is great, because when someone uses the program they have to start with something! :)

And I realize most users probably open a pdb, work on, close the program, and then don't use it again for days or weeks. However, once someone uses the program all day long, day after day after day, once someone moves beyond the basics, develops a unique color set, develops a new style, develops a better style, or is working on a project that requires dozens, or even hundreds of renderings that all need to based on defaults that are different from the original defaults the program has built in, it gets to be quite a pain to have to run a default script every time one loads another pdb to a working open window, or when one opens another running window of PyMol.

Is there anyway to change the default settings in PyMol so that when I open the program, it is using my specified defaults? or perhaps there is a way a script can automatically be run at startup? Or automatically run when I fetch in a new pdb? I'm running MacPyMol on 10.8.


H. Adam Steinberg
7904 Bowman Rd
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