Thanks for Andreas for this correction:
> scene store, F3, view=0
should be
scene F3, store, view=0
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From: Andreas Forster []
Sent: Thursday, May 01, 2008 1:06 PM
To: DeLano Scientific
Subject: Re: [PyMOL] orientation-less scenes

Thanks, Warren.  That's exactly what I was looking for.  It amazing how you come up with solutions and program them into PyMOL way before users every ask the questions.

Unless things have changed, shouldn't it read 'scene F3, store, view=0'?

Great work.


On Thu, May 1, 2008 at 8:35 PM, DeLano Scientific <> wrote:

Yes, you can do this two ways by passing "view=0" to the scene store


(1) save the scene without saving view information:

scene store, F3, view=0


(2) recall the scene while ignoring any view information:

scene F1, view=0


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> Subject: [PyMOL] orientation-less scenes
> Hey all,
> is there an equivalent to scenes that doesn't store orientation?
> The idea is to have two (or more) visualizations, eg. surface vs.
> sticks, or different side chains highlighted, and to be able
> to switch between them quickly by hitting F1, F2, etc.  With
> conventional scenes any rotations or zooms are reset to what
> is saved in the scene.  Is there a way to avoid that?
> Thanks.
> Andreas
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