Hmm -- the code you posted seems to work just fine with the "run" command when saved as a text file, so my next guess is that perhap you're saving the script as something other than text? (RTF perhaps?)
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That sounds reasonable to me but I know next to nothing about python.
Maybe I should have included the misbehaving script, which was taken directly from the PyMOL wiki script library:

## This is just a quick hack. For something more meaty see;
## http://arcib.dowling.edu/sbevsl/
## Version 0.0.00-000/1
## Turn off the virtual_trackball
cmd.set("virtual_trackball", "off")
## spacefill
def spacefill(p1=''):
cmd.extend("spacefill", spacefill)
## cartoon
def cartoon(p1=''):
cmd.extend("cartoon", cartoon)
## wireframe
def wireframe(p1=''):
cmd.extend("wireframe", wireframe)
## exit
def exit():
cmd.extend("exit", exit)

Any part of it works fine when pasted, but no part works when invoked by “run...”


On 2/28/08 10:02 PM, "gilleain torrance" <gilleain.torrance@gmail.com> wrote:

Hmm. Running scripts has always worked for me on a mac.

Could it be a tab/space problem, or just a character missing at the
end from a copy/paste?

gilleain torrance

On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 2:50 PM, Sadler, Evan <ESADLER@dom.wustl.edu> wrote:
> I can run scripts by pasting them, but they fail when I try to read them
>  from a file, as in:
>  PyMOL> run ~/scriptfolder/rasmolify.py
>  This generates lots of errors:
>  Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "/Applications/MacPyMOL.app/pymol/modules/pymol/parser.py", line 333,
>  in parse
>  parsing.run_file(exp_path(layer.args[0]),self.pymol_names,self.pymol_names)
>   File "/Applications/MacPyMOL.app/pymol/modules/pymol/parsing.py", line
>  456, in run_file
>     execfile(file,global_ns,local_ns)
>   File "/Users/evansadler/pymolscripts/rasmolify.py", line 3
>      ^
>   SyntaxError: invalid syntax
>  Some result for MacPyMOL and X11 hybrid
>  What am I doing wrong?
>  Evan
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