PyMOL-users, would you please take a minute to tell us what you most want from PyMOL this coming year?
Please respond OFF the mailing list (directly to with your:
A.  #1 MAJOR improvement request (one seemingly difficult thing)...
B.  #1 MINOR improvement request (one seemingly easy thing)...
   and tell us:
C.  Do you contribute to PyMOL in some way?  If so how?
Example responses:
A. An ActiveX Control for PowerPoint
B. Multi-line text annotations in scenes
C. Yes, as an industrial subscriber.
A. Structure cleanup & energy minimization
B. Per-object Z clip
C. Yes, I answer questions on the mailing list.
Thank you!  Some suggested improvements are below, but please don't feel limited to these -- we want to know what you personally need most from PyMOL.
- An ActiveX Control
- 2D structure display
- More documentation, screencasts, & tutorials.
Browser plugins
- Direct MPEG movie export
- Direct WinAVI movie export
- Structure cleanup & energy minimization
- Objects/states split over multiple windows (side by side views)
- Multi-line text annotations in scenes
- APBS bundled witih PyMOL
- Per-object Z clip
- "native" Windows user interface in a single window

- Undo
- Improved molecular builder
- Better RigiMOL integration
- MOPAC integration
- Sequence alignment editing
- 3D PDF export
- Cleaned up matrixtransformation interface
- Blender integration
- Nucleic acid building
- Calculate surface areas and volumes
- Secondary structure display in sequence viewer
- Scene buttons / sorter
- Movie "slider" ala Cinema4D/Maya/3DSMax
- Drag & drop programming of object motions
- Fix _______ bug...
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