To accomplish this, you must launch the program via command line with -X and -Y options specifying the cartesian coordinates of the window on the CRT.   For example, if the CRT is off to the left, use something like: 
/Applications/ -X -1000 -Y 100
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Sent: Monday, August 27, 2007 12:05 PM
Subject: [PyMOL] More MacPro questions

Thanks to all who offered help when I was trying to get hardware stereo working on my new MacPro. It appears that the two critical steps were 1) making certain that the refresh rate on the CRT was set to an appropriate value (default was too low) and 2) putting the Dock in the CRT window (when the Dock lives on the LCD I can only get .

Now I have two more questions:

1) Does anyone know of a way to get the stereo to work when the Dock resides on the LCD? (This would seem to involve forcing the application to open on the CRT). After years of looking at nice LCDs, I hate to spend a lot of time looking at the CRT (unless I'm gazing at some beautiful molecule in stereo).

2) Is there some way to drag molecules when using the Mighty Mouse? Whenever I press the middle mouse button (scroll ball), the LH button is also depressed, and so I rotate instead of drag.




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