I have read the manual on how to have a cartoon representation of a protein and have one or more sidechains visible "and" connected to the ribbon (versus floating in space, see pg 39 manual).  But I can not get that to happen following the instructions (using GUI or command line).  Also, how do you get just the sidechain to be visible and not the backbone N and O?  Can not find a way to select just one atom to turn them off, always get the whole residue using the GUI.


My goal is to have a cartoon representation of a protein with several connected sidechains visible with a ligand in the active site in spheres (CPK).  It seems to me that I need to duplicate the structure and use the cartoon representation for the backbone/sidechains on molecule 1 and spheres for the ligand on molecule 2, is this necessary or is there another way?  And is there a way to display all the residues/atoms in a structure and turn them on/off in the GUI?

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