Given that this is your third post on the same topic, an important point needs to be made:
It is not reasonable for one user to expect other PyMOL mailing list participants to teach them how to use the software, especially for involved tasks such as movie-making.  Open source is largely about having the freedom and the opportunity to be self-sufficient.  Indeed, the implicit expectation for free or open-source usage of PyMOL is that you will be strictly self-reliant, all the way down to compiling the current open-source code yourself, if necessary, since that is the one thing DeLano Scientific gives away without any expectation of reciprocity.
With respect to obtaining assistance, the PyMOL user community will happily provide hints, exchange limited know-how, and point you at existing resources (such as Slerpy).  However, it is unrealistic to expect one's peers to do more than that.  They are busy folks, too!  Thus, if one does not get an answer to his or her question, it is generally because one is asking for too much.  Repeating such requests over and over again is poor list etiquette.
Direct end-user assistance is something DeLano Scientific can provide, but only for Support-Level Subscribers (Power Users) who are effectively purchasing some help through high-level sponsorship of the project.  We do try to assist Maintenance-Level Subscribers (Casual Users) on a workload-permitting basis, but right now we are swamped with 1.0, docs, and various Sponsor requests.  Of course, when appropriate, we channel such assistance through the public mailing list so that others can benefit from some of the information we provide to PyMOL Sponsors. 
With respect to movie-making, this should eventually become easier to do thanks to improved software and documentation.  But at the present time, it is not -- PyMOL is rather weak in this area.  Generally speaking, you must first learn to write a PyMOL command script or a Python program, render and export a set of numbered PNG files, and then apply an external tool (such as QuickTime Pro) to assemble the raw images into a compressed movie. 
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From: [] On Behalf Of shivesh kumar
Sent: Thursday, February 08, 2007 1:29 AM
Subject: [PyMOL] movie in pymol

Dear all,
I am trying to make a movie in pymol with two structure of the same is crystal structure and one is NMR structure.The N-terminal part of crystal structure is in open conformation whereas that of NMR is closed.What command should I use.Is it possible to make the movie with the commands given in pymol manual or I should use Slerpy from PyMOL wiki.Any suggestions are welcome.Thanx in advance to all.


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