I see. thank you for your answer. and i'm wondering, how do u develop python modules like _cmd.pyd? only via setup.py, and type python setup.py build to compile it? how do u debug it on the procudure of development? for me, it's not easy to develop _cmd.pyd only via setup.py script, i think, there must have some other way to debug python extend modules.
thank you.

Warren DeLano <warren@delsci.com>


The only form of end-user PyMOL compilation we support on Windows is via Python's distutils facility.

Assuming that your system paths are set up correctly, distutils compilations will work fine with msvc6 -- no Makefile is required.

Your own c/c++ code should be built as a standalone DLL -- separate from _cmd.*, and you should use the Python interpreter to bring all of the native components together at runtime.


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