Hello all,


I have tried to put all the frames of my movie in png files using mpng command. The problem at the begining was, that the frames were written to the disk, but on all of them there was nothing but black background. In the script I have used "zoom visible, animate", and "orient visible, animate" commands. After I changed them to normal zoom and orient, without "animate" the images were properly recorded, but of course the movie is not as nice, because the structures are "jumping" to the oriented position or zoom, and not nicely fly there. Is there any way to get the png images of the animated zoom and orient part of the movie?


I didn't intend to put the movie together from frames at the begining, I just needed to play it in pymol, so I didn't know the problem with animated zoom, etc. Now it will be a lot of work to do it manually.


Please help!