Is there a way to modulate the speed and amplitude of the y-axis rocking that is enabled through the "rock" command and button? I am capable of scripting my own rocking movie, of course, but in the current usage the frames are already dedicated to visiting electron density map peaks and I don't want to overwrite those. Hence the perfect fit for the independent rock mechanism. Slow and gentle is good for presentations, but I'd like something more vigorous for rapid peak examination.

While I'm at it, if I play back the frames as if a movie they whip by quite rapidly. Is there a way to control in essence the frame rate of the playback within pymol? Put in some kind of pause/sleep thing? (note having each single frame persist for multiple frames defeats the purpose here).

And yes, I have a script as well that goes to each peak, does a little back and forth dance and goes to the next, but then the cursor keys can't be used to quickly jump ahead or back several peaks since they too have to step through all the frames of the dance.

Hope that's clear!