Hi all -

While on the subject and after thanking Warren for providing the excellent resource ...:

We have some nice 3D monitors and Nvidia cards in Linux PC's we do stereo with.

Warren correctly points out that you need:

   1280x960  @ 120 Hz requires H-sync of 123 kHz 
      1344x1008 @ 120 Hz requires H-sync of 130 kHz 
      1400x1050 @ 120 Hz requires H-sync of 136 kHz  

(In fact you need your monitor to switch to these refresh rates only when in stereo, but thats a detail)

However, I am totally unable to convince the NVidia drivers we have for Linux to
operate at the sync rates I want them to and Warren advices! Thus, we have noticeable flicker at stereo
mode (in the non-stereo windows only) which is a shame, given our excellent monitors.
Is that expected or can be corrected ?

Could anyone please advice me how to set the Nvidia Linux drivers to operate at the proper sync rates then ?


PS - Iiyama Vision Master Pro 514 / HM204DT (H-sync: 142 kHz) is still available by some European vendors new and is great, we have two, plus an old trusty EIZO T966 which is also cool. (Warren, I could not find that on your list,its a good machine, does 136 and you might be able to find one still)

On Jan 28, 2006, at 20:59, Warren DeLano wrote:

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Whether you favor Macintosh, Linux, or Windows for stereo 3D
visualization, you're going to need some specific (and increasingly
rare) hardware.  

To help you find it, we've just updated our information page on
stereo-3D-capable displays, cards, emitters, and glasses:


Remarkably, we can now only find one company selling a brand new CRT
monitor suitable for stereo 3D.  If you find any others, please do let
us know!


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