Hi Tsjerk, Frieda,
I made a different solution (I can't get Tsjerk's to work, oddly - it looks
like it should step through sses correctly, but I can't see why the "
sslist.pop(i)" gives what it should).

Anyway, my 'versions' :) are on the wiki as:


which is what was asked for. Also, there is a more tricky implementation,
that takes a function and applys it to each sse. I don't know if these
programs are compatible with very early versions of python, bytheway.


They were fun to code, anyway.

gilleain torrance

Hi Gilleain,

I tried pasting in the code at the first link, followed by
ss my_object
where my_object is the name of an object in the file,
and the output looks like this:
1--1 S
2--1 S
3--1 S

Am I using ss incorrectly?

For the second link above, I do not know what command(s) to issue after I paste in the code.

Thanks for your help,


Frieda Reichsman

Molecules in Motion

Interactive Molecular Structures