The two missing loops of the 1DAN structure when in cartoon mode are located to res. 183-189 and 220-220. Im using a standard PC with Windows 2000.

Any suggestions? A fellow collegue in my lab is having identical troubles but hes also using a PC with win2000. Its quite frustrating because the rest of the structure looks great in PyMol!


Cheers Kasper


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Hey Kasper,

which loops can't you see (amino acid nos./chain/)? what OS are you on
(OSX, PC, Linux?) I have had a look and it looks ok on windows


J wrote:

> Hi everybody
> I am getting quite desperate! For some strange reason PyMol do not
> display certain areas (several loops) of my .pdb file (1DAN) when in
> cartoon display mode. When I display the structure in "lines" or
> "sticks" everything is ok. Other pdb-viewers dont have this problem
> with the same .pdb file. I have tried several things:
> 1. Upgraded to the newest version og PyMol.
> 2. Redefined secondary structure using the "alter" command.
> 3. Imported the .pdb file into SwissViewer, saved as the imported
> structure as a .pdb file, and then imported into PyMOl.
> None of these things have solved the problem. Help please! (I would
> hate to have to start using another pdb-viewer!!) Cheers Kasper
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