I thought all quadro cards supported stereo? (must admit that I'm not sure :-) The 3 pin stereo connector is not needed to get stereo with the Asus monitors - they get the stereo sync via DVI. But the stereo mode 10 and/or 11 must be supported by the card and driver.

My main problem was to force the card into 120hz mode, which required the xrandr utility. Without the xrandr command, I could only get the card to run 60 Hz, where stereo is not possible.



Den 21/07/2013 kl. 09.17 skrev "Harry Mark Greenblatt" <harry.greenblatt@weizmann.ac.il>:


It's not clear to me if the K600 card specified by Dick in his post will actually support stereo under Linux.  It has no 3 pin stereo connector for the emitter, and I was under the impression that one could only get Stereo Mode 10 or 11 under linux using the Quadro cards with the stereo option (K5000, K4000, or legacy cards like FX 3700, FX 3800, etc.). 

Have things changed?


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I think I have tried all the solutions available.  I continue to get: error: the requested 3d display mode is unavailable.  I can run all the examples; apparently correctly. 
ASUS  VG248 monitor
NVIDIA quatro K600 video card
NVIDIA 3D vision



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