Hi everyone

I am trying to set up pymol on Opensuse 11.4 on a system with a Intel HD Graphics 3000 video card. I have tried installing both via the Opensuse repositories and via svn and manual "compilation" (i.e. running the two setup.py scripts). The setup procedure works without error, i.e. all dependencies seem to be installed correctly. However, when starting pymol only an empty frame pops up and in the terminal from which pymol was started the message "Detected OpenGL version 2.0 or greater. Shaders available." is displayed. Clicking on the close button in the empty frame has no effect and pymol has to be terminated via kill...
I have already tried updating to the newest Intel driver (xf86-video-intel-2.15.0), but that didn't help.

Does anyone of you know, what might be the problem here? Any help is much appreciated.