Which parts are missing? Looks fine to me...

Although the pdb file has some horrible features. Some residues are multiply defined (eg 170 in chain H) and there is some kind of poly-calcium binding tail in chain L.

gilleain torrance

On 14 Oct 2005, at 10:43, <randkasper@icqmail.com> <randkasper@icqmail.com> wrote:

Hi everybody
I am getting quite desperate! For some strange reason PyMol do not display certain areas (several loops) of my .pdb file (1DAN) when in cartoon display mode. When I display the structure in "lines" or "sticks" everything is ok. Other pdb-viewers dont have this problem with the same .pdb file. I have tried several things:
1. Upgraded to the newest version og PyMol.
2. Redefined secondary structure using the "alter" command.
3. Imported the .pdb file into SwissViewer, saved as the imported structure as a .pdb file, and then imported into PyMOl.

None of these things have solved the problem. Help please! (I would hate to have to start using another pdb-viewer!!) Cheers Kasper

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