Deselect Sculpting from the builder menu or "unset sculpting"
Note that if you're doing this a lot, then create some custom on/off function keys as follows:
# F1 to turn on sculpting
cmd.set_key('F1',lambda :(cmd.set("sculpting"),cmd.set("auto_sculpt")))
# F2 to turn off sculpting
cmd.set_key('F2',lambda :(cmd.unset("sculpting"),cmd.unset("auto_sculpt")))

From: on behalf of Mathieu Coincon
Sent: Mon 8/29/2005 8:26 AM
Subject: [PyMOL] Refinement in auto_sculpt

i'm usinig pymol for modelling my protein in electron density.
I like it very much but there is one thing I would like to understand.
Is there a way to stop the refinement of the geometry:
    I'm using auto_sculpt and I protect/deprotect the protein but sometimes the
refinemt run during a long time I would like to stop it ? i played with the
number  of cycles and other parameters but it didn't work.

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