> Does anyone know if the new intel min-macs support stereo...

Unlikely -- the new Mini's have Intel GMA950 Graphics Processor and there is no upgrade available.  In the PC world, Intel-based OpenGL systems are plagued by poor performance and compatibility problems.  It would surprise me if that wasn't the case with the Mac Minis too as well.  I've never heard of Intel supporting stereo-graphics.

As for the MacBook Pro laptops, caution is also warranted -- watch the discussion boards for reports from early adopters.

Though I strongly endorse Mac OS X as an operating system for scientific visualization, the only Mac computer systems I can recommend purchasing right now (based on personal experience) are: (1) the iMac Core Duo, and (2) the PowerMac G5 Quad with the Quadro FX 4500.


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Does anyone know if the new intel min-macs support stereo, either by 
default or after being fitted with an appropriate video card?  The 
idea of chucking my O2s and replacing them with mini-macs is quite 


Bill Scott

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