I'm trying to incorporate a camera zoom together with some other object motions. The object motions work fine, but when I incorporate a zoom and interpolate the camera views, the scenes seem to jump ahead of the object motions.

For instance, say at frame 50 is when I change colors and text and the object has completed spinning. However, when I incorporate a camera motion several frames down the pipeline, the color change will happen at around frame 30 before it should.

Here is the line of the code that gives me trouble (real names of objects rewritten in pseudocode)

frame 400
super sele1, sele2
super sele3, sele2
pseudoatom title_5, object1
hide nonbonded, title_5
translate [0,40,0], object=title_5
label title_5, "With unique somatic mutations that altered framework and CDR3 structure"
show labels, title_5
set_view (\
    -0.992779553, -0.119716585, 0.004772634,\
    -0.055808492, 0.426833898, -0.902588844,\
     0.106016770, -0.896369994, -0.430436313,\
     0.000191912, 0.000052718, -182.240753174,\
     7.153404236, -15.651230812, 4.890758514,\
   133.269271851, 231.092132568, -20.000000000 )
mview store, object=object1
mview store, object=object2
mview store, object=object3
mview reinterpolate, object=object1
mview reinterpolate, object=object2
mview reinterpolate, object=object3
scene 012, store
mview store, 400, scene=012
#broken line
mview reinterpolate, scene=012

The last line where I interpolate the camera motion along with the object motions throws everything off for the entire movie. Even if I don't do these two motions together and divide them up into separate scenes. This sort of problem is mentioned on the wiki http://pymolwiki.org/index.php/MovieSchool_5 at the very bottom:
" the PyMOL GUI may not have caught up to the correct place before saving the scene information."

and recommends you store frame and scene numbers together...which I thought I did. I've also tried reordering when to store the camera motion etc. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

For the complete movie script:

If you want to actually run the movie all the files are there and you could check out the repo:

and running makemovie.pml replacing path = "path/to/the/git/repo"

I would really appreciate the help,

Jordan Willis
Vanderbilt Medical Center