Hi list !

I was just building (successfully) my first CGO object, and I have three questions and two comment:



1) what is the difference between LINES, LINE_LOOP, LINE_STRIP. If I understood correctly, LINES is to build single lines,

LINE_LOOP will connect the first and the last point (VERTEX), but no clue about LINE_STRIP.

2) what is the difference between TRIANGLES, TRIANGLES_STRIP and TRIANGLE_FAN

3) is it possible to render a plain polygon (I suppose I can build a succession of triangles, but is there another way to do it?)



1) in the Pymol manual, I read that LINEWIDTH was for… line-width, and WIDTHSCALE was for ray-tracing;

but what I observed is that LINEWIDTH do not change the line thickness (always 1 pixel) in the normal view but in ray-traced images,
and when I use WIDTHSCALE Pymol simply crashes during ray-tracing… Is this a bug? I use the latest version of Pymol with 
WinXP Pro SP2 and my graphic card is an ATI Radeon 9700 with the latest drivers.

2) when you use the COLOR command in a CGO object, this color cannot be overridden with the color menu in Pymol, so simply

don’t use the COLOR command if you want to be able to change the color of your object within Pymol!


Many thanks for your answer(s)!



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