I think I have found two problems with pyMOl that might require a fix:
1) I experience sporadic crashes of pyMOL on two Windows XP Pro machines (more I have not tested): AMD Athlon-A 1.1 GHz (TBird), ASUS A7V mainboard, Leadtek A280 graphics board (Geforce 4), 768 MB RAM and on my Fujitsu-Siemens Notebook Amilo A series, AMD Athlon-64 3000+ (Clawhammer), ATI Radeon 9700+, 512 MB RAM. The program sometimes simply shuts down after loading a PDB file or after some manipulations of files. I do not see any reason for that. I previously also had the same problem on the same machines with the stable release client pyMOL 0.98.
2) Another problem that seems new with version 0.99beta31 is that selections disappear as soon as the measurement wizard is activated. I mean, the selection is no longer seen in the right-hand-side window while the corresponding atoms remain unchanged incl. all settings applied to them.
I do not know whether this is important. Although sometimes a bit annoying, I can live with this. ;-)
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Michael H.W. Weber
Philipps-Universitšt Marburg
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Proteins are nanomachines or nanomachine building blocks.
Examples: The ribosome and RNA polymerase holoenzyme.
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