Hello all !


I am trying to use Slerpy to make a movie and I get some trouble. I would like to show a ligand coming and binding to my protein…


So, following the Slerpy instructions, I stored all my orientations then I tried to apply actions to the different views. But when I typed this command:

            sgo 2

            saction “translate [0,20,0], ligand”


I got the following error:

 “Error: too many arguments for add_action_current; 1 expected, 2 found.

Usage: add_action_current cmd”


I have an object named “ligand” in Pymol and the command “translate [0,20,0], ligand” works pretty well in Pymol (without using Slerpy)…

Does anyone know how to solve the problem?






Xavier HANOULLE, Ph.D.

RMN biologique
Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille - France