Hi folks,


I am using pymol 0.99rc6. with APBS version 4.0 on window XP

Got a problem trying to upload my  “PDB2PQR Server” generated pqr

into pymol APBS plugin. I assume the only things to do are:

open pymol

load my original pdb

open APBS plugin

use the “use another PQR” option in APBS main menu write down the file path

set grid

run APBS

unfortunately I always end up  with a ObjectMapLoadDXFile-Error: Unable to open file!


Tried to change myown.pqr directory path either into pymol path, apbs path, or up to c. Same error always


Do I have to locate the file somewere special? Do I have to specify the path from C:onward?


Can I read “AMBER forcefield PROPEKA” generated pqr (PDB2PQR Server) directly into the APBS plugin?


Don’t know what I am doing wrong


Is there any chance to use APBS web based software to create the map from pqr files

And the use the plugin only to visualize the surfaces?


Crying for help