#2 TIFF export


1. I'd like to see a setting for setting the inital DPI of images (72 being default)

2. I'd like to see the ability to also specify the output size (higher than 640* 480)

3. Possibly the option to export as .tiff

I am only requesting these so that I am able to supply the local printer with high
resolution images to print out molecules for my class project (poster size 24 by 36).

I hope you will consider this. if it is already possible and I missing something could
you respond to this request with the some pointers.

Thank you

Matthew F


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Type "ray 1280,1024" (or whatever resolution you require) in the command line and then save your image. Instead of the low quality, low res image you're used to, you'll see a thing of beauty!

  • Warren L. DeLano

    • labels: --> Export Options
    • priority: 5 --> 1
    • summary: Image Output Options --> TIFF export
  • Warren L. DeLano

    1. exists: dpi option to the "png" command

    2. exists: width and height options to both "draw" and "ray" commands.

    3. missing: however, since, numerous packages can faithfully convert png to tiff, we're not able to prioritize TIFF export.


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