• ozi

    ozi - 2004-09-01


    First of all thanks Asa for this promising library.
    It contains a lot of the features missing in libsvm (and most other svm packages) as e.g. stratifiedCV.

    i am desperately trying to reduce the verbosity
    (using paramGrid) but although I tried to set verbose=False e.g. in the cv method it seems to have little or no effect. Probably I am doing something stupid but some methods as e.g. SparseCDataSet.copy, WrapperDataSet.attachLabels etc. seem to print uncontrolled to stdout.

    btw. the example for paramGrid seems to be a cut/paste error. For me it was not as simple as stated:
    First to set gamma you need to assign a Gaussian classifier to the method. As assess is not in one needs to import it and create a classifier with Gaussian kernel, which then can be passed to paramGrid.



    • abh

      abh - 2004-09-15

      thanks for your comments.

      regarding verbosity -- some of it comes from the libsvm code itself, and some are my own debuggin code that i haven't gotten ridden of yet.  you're right the verbosity flag of CV has very little effect.
      you're also right about the grid example -- i modified it.



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