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PyMedia- for Windows is out

I'm happy to announce the second bug fix release for PyMedia. It features many bug fixes and more stable video frames encoding/conversion.
For Linux version please grab CVS or get a daily snapshot here:

Posted by Bors 2005-10-26

PyMedia 1.3.5-pre1 is out

Python multimedia framework that processes avi, mp3, ogg, wma, dvd etc.
Prerelease version includes Python2.4. Some new features and improvements.
Check out the new web site:
Enjoy !

Posted by Bors 2005-07-14

PyCar ISO for car media center is out

I'm happy to announce the PyCar for EPIA-M.
Iso is bootable and easily usable in the car with touchscreen attached.
It supports many audio/video formats and works flawless with the Egalax touchscreen panel on monitors like Lilliput and Xenarc.

Posted by Bors 2005-04-11

PyCar- released

Multimedia center in Python. Second prerelease is out !

Posted by Bors 2004-11-17

PyMedia- is out

Python multimedia framework that processes avi, mp3, ogg, wma, dvd etc. New features added, many bugs has been fixed. Check out the new web site:
Enjoy !

Posted by Bors 2004-11-04

PyCar- released

PyCar - is a media framework for your car.

It has a new look after quite a while of developing.
It supports touchscreen and has improved performance, better caching technique and lots of features.
It is just a prerelease to have it tested and get some feedback from users.
Enjoy !

Posted by Bors 2004-10-21

PyMedia 1.2.2 is out

PyMedia is a Python multimedia framework.
1.2.2 includes these new features:
* pymedia.sound.SpectrAnalyzer - analyzes sound in frequencies or bands
* pymedia.sound.Input for grabbing sound from the external devices such as Microphone
* for converting frames YUV<->RGB(A)
* cygwin compatibility

Posted by Bors 2004-06-13

PyMedia 1.2.1 is out

This release features dvd read capability + some basic audio resampling.
The following things were added:
* ->
* dvd read added( libdvdread and libdvdcss )
* audio resampling added into pymedia.acodec.Resampler
* generic interface for removable medias ( )

Posted by Bors 2004-05-17

PyCar 1.0.0-pre2 is out

This realease is very close to final release 1.0.0
It features:
- more stable playlist support
- auto restore of playing after shutdown
- full featured video support including avi, VideoCD and SVCD
- improvements in skinning allowing you to have simpler skinning
- enchanced offline CDDB support

Posted by Bors 2004-04-25

PyMedia 1.2.0 is out

This release introduces several features such as:
- Encoding in every format supported by pymedia
- Multiplexing into mpeg streams
- Improved stability
- Clean and straighforward interface

Posted by Bors 2004-04-14

PyCar in its pre-release state

PyCar app is in prerelease state. The interface gets cleaned up.
Much simpler skinning. Modules are better handled.
Video module still not there yet even though pymedia supports it.

Posted by Bors 2004-02-20

pydfb is out for 1.0.2

The first release for the Python wrapper for directfb( ).
It allow to have powerfull graphical interfaces in a small footprint without using X.
The Python version is very similar to pygame from the interface prospective, but rather focused on a performance side than anything else.

Posted by Bors 2004-02-02

Build 30 is out

It is still alpha build.
It is still has no video in it.
Even though it is more stable and ready to accept more features such as FM radio, video playback and some others.

Posted by Bors 2003-12-23

PyCar 1.1 has released.

New look-and-feel. Most features remains the same but some minor flaws are gone. New complete installation requires no Python or anything at all installed along...

Posted by Bors 2003-08-11

PyMedia+PyCar v 1.0 has been released.

PyCar is car media player which is based on PyMedia package. The sample data is provided to enable 640 x 480 pixels TFT / LCD monitors. Large buttons and text is clearly visible on a small in-car monitors( 5.4'' and larger is fine ).
Current version includes the following formats for audio files:
- Audio disks( cddb support enabled )
- MP3

Posted by Bors 2003-08-03

Pycar first release is scheduled Aug-1-03

Pycar is a first implementation for the car media center. Uses common architecture written in C, C++, Python.
pycar will include audio module with playlists and audio ripping abilities. The following features are available:
<li>mp3,ogg( wma very possible ) support
<li>dynamic playlists( m3u format ) support
<li>cdda ripping on-fly while you're enjoing the music
<li>customizable buttons behavior for keys, actions and parameters through XML and external Python scripts
<li>extra large and easy-to-see design for in-car use. Minimum efforts needed to navigate and find your music.
<li>power management. Allows you to suspend or hibernate your system without exiting the pycar.

Posted by Bors 2003-07-28