pylibpcap-0.4 released

pylibpcap 0.4 release notes:

-pylibpcap now requires libpcap 0.7.1 from to build. Please note that the libpcap distributed with redhat 7.3 does not work. New libpcap features such as 'setnonblock' and 'findalldevs' are now supported.

-SWIG 1.3.12 required if you want to play with modifying the interface.
However, all SWIG-generated code is included, so SWIG is not required to simply build.

-On-line module documentation (__doc__ attributes) has been added!

-Improved sample code.

Many thanks to the following people who helped out in the development of pylibpcap: PC Drew, Gustavo Carneiro, Jon Nelson, and T. Meyarivan.

Posted by David Margrave 2002-06-14

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