segfault while calling dump_open

  • Shehjar Tikoo

    Shehjar Tikoo - 2007-07-11


    Python2.4 crashes with a segfault while calling the dump_open method.

    What information can I provide to help fix this problem? core dumps? backtraces?
    I'd really like to avoid building python unless its completely unavoidable.

    I am using a P4 machine with Debian etch.


    • Shehjar Tikoo

      Shehjar Tikoo - 2007-07-11

      BTW, this happens with the latest check out from the CVS.

      • Wim Lewis

        Wim Lewis - 2007-07-15

        A backtrace would be helpful if you can get one. You should be able to compile just py-libpcap with debugging symbols (no need to recompile all of python) and then run python in the debugger, and hit 'bt' when it segfaults. Actually this is probably worth doing even if you don't recompile py-libpcap.

        Also, what version of libpcap are you using? (Easy way to find this is to import the pcap module and then get the value of the "pcap._pcap.version" string.)

        • kristjanbb

          kristjanbb - 2009-08-05

          dump_open can not be called before self->pcap has been initialized by calling some of the open_* functions.

          It's a lack of sanity check in both pylibpcap and libpcap. Just use open_offline(filename) instead.

          See trace in bug report.

    • Andrzej Lichnerowicz

      hi, i've run against same problem. libpcap 0.8.3. no real way to provide you with trace, but wanted to ask is there any progress on this?


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