Starting up with PyKeyLogger AND Python

  • Gesangbaer

    Gesangbaer - 2010-12-20

    Hey there. I'm new to python and this seemed like a fun project to mod and learn with. I'm having a little trouble getting started. I downloaded the python interpreter and all the minimum requirements listed on the wiki, however things are a little wonky.

    I got several syntax errors that seemed to be related to python versions.

    I was wondering what the actual current version of all the packages are that you are using for development? I've had problems in C++ development where using more recent packages cause issues, so I was trying to use the exact versions that PyKeyLogger was developed with.


  • Gesangbaer

    Gesangbaer - 2010-12-20

    Ah, forgot to mention that after fixing the syntax errors and running PKL, python seems to hang. I modified the ini by hand to flush every 10 seconds and never got any info out. Running in debug mode is showing me nothing on the console. I can't get to the control panel and I have to terminate python via the task manager.


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