Python Keylogger logs intermittantly

  • Boondoggler

    Boondoggler - 2012-02-13


    Keylogger is running on W7 x32 ok, and it's setup to run as a scheduled task on log in - which it generally does and logs keystrokes through out my session. I then reboot and the logger appears in TM ok, logs a few minutes of keystrokes - then all of a sudden doesn't seem to continue logging until next reboot (and when it's in this state you can't Cntrl-Cntrl-F12 the console up either).

    I ran Process Monitor as a precaution and when it's running ok, we get disc writes regularly, but when it's in this "running/non logging" state, there are no disc writes

    Any ideas anyone??
    Any debug i can switch on anywhere to figure this out??

  • Boondoggler

    Boondoggler - 2012-02-18

    No-one has any idea then?


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