Merio Martini - 2013-11-20

Hi all,

first of all thanks for this great project!

This is my problem: i'm running this program on a windows 7 64 just fine,
i have 2 accounts, one administrator and the second one is guest with no password and NO administrator priviledges of course.

To start the program at boot i choosed the registry method.

everything is just working fine.

If i log in the computer as guest i got a message stating that i have no permission to write/access to the keylogger directory so i modified the permission to let the user guest write to the log file.

The problem is : as guest i'm able to kill the process through task manager.

On unix i could fix this in a moment, but , on windows i really don't know hot to give write permission to guest user to the log file but deny permission to kill the process.
Is there some way to fix this?
Thanls a lot for your help!