[b]don't get e-mail[/b]

  • if100032

    if100032 - 2011-08-30

    i have some problems with the settings for email
    i don't get some erros but i don' get an e-mail
    i have set the settings in "E-mail"
    do i have to set something in "FTP"

    thank you for help
    and sorry for bad english

  • if100032

    if100032 - 2011-08-30

    have forgotten the pic


  • Swift

    Swift - 2011-08-30

    It's unfortunate that you're making us download a 1.1mb image file just to check your settings. By this simple action alone, it's no wonder you can not get the emails to work properly.

    Disable FTP if you're not using it.
    Check your e-mail spam folder.
    Double check your SMTP settings with these:

  • if100032

    if100032 - 2011-08-31

    i want to ad a picture but it doesn't work so i ad a link
    but thank you for your answer

  • Swift

    Swift - 2011-08-31

    To add a picture, save it as jpg format and then upload it here:

  • nanotube

    nanotube - 2011-09-01

    thanks swift2 for picking this up.

    if100032: based on the link swift2 posted, it seems that the smtp server should be smtp.gmx.com, not smtp.gmx.net maybe that's the problem.

    if not, try running with debug mode, send email manually, and see if any errors pop up.

    also, you have set interval to 0.1, are you sure you want to get an email every 6 minutes?


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