Simba - 2013-12-29

I'm trying to learn what I can of Python to compile the source into a non-expiring version of this program. I tried downloading Python and its dependencies but somehow, some of the files wouldn't install. I then found the portable version of Python, which I have installed. I am now looking for the code to change so it doesn't expire. The developer seems to have done a good job on making it simple.

I need the self.disttype to = stealth or no nag. Stealth seems to be no nag with a different name. Can someone help me out (scripting, and compiling with the portable version of Python). If I had to guess, I'm seeing the following contradictory lines one after another:

if self.disttype == 'nonag' or self.disttype == 'stealth':

if self.disttype == 'nonag' or self.disttype == 'stealth':

If I #'d out the True line, would it work? Any help is appreciated. Happy holidays!