No control panel?

  • Michael

    Michael - 2011-07-24

    Hi, I downloaded the source for PyKeyLogger, modified it to get rid of the nag, and when I went to compile, I got some errors in the file, so I went and fixed one, and commented out the other, and I can't open the control panel.  I use Left Control, Right Control, F-12, is this right?  Thanks!

  • Swift

    Swift - 2011-07-24

    Why don't you just undo your steps until you can open it..?
    Have some common sense man -_-

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2013-03-16

    Try editing the pykeylogger.ini file where there is "Control Key = Control_L;Control_R;F12" and change it to: "Control Key = Control_L;F2" without the quotes. I found that the default keys didn't work in some computers.


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