screen image capture

  • mr.gender

    mr.gender - 2010-01-06

    I have a dual-screen system.
    Only the image for screen 0 is being captured.
    How can I get screen 1 captured also or instead?

  • mr.gender

    mr.gender - 2010-01-06

    I see a post regarding Dual Monitors in the Developer's forum, the answer to which might address my request to handle dual screens.
    I probably should have checked that forum prior to submitting my post.
    BTW I have a WinXP system, but I referred to screens 0 and 1 which are moreso linux terms.

  • nanotube

    nanotube - 2010-01-07

    Well, please try the fix(es) from that developer forum thread, and see if that fixes dual screens. i'm on linux and linux screen capture works just fine across multiple monitors…


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