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[f38638] (352 Bytes) by mtnyogi

New engine constructor arguments.

Tests converted. ./testpyke passes except for doc/source/using_pyke.txt
python 2.5 and 2.6.

Still need to rewrite using_pyke.txt documentation page.

2010-03-03 01:33:33 View
[41e00e] (365 Bytes) by mtnyogi

All examples have been converted to new call syntax.

./testpyke works.

Next is the documentation...

2010-02-24 23:24:32 View
[31b2a6] (361 Bytes) by mtnyogi

- Fix for bug 2496575.
- Changed engine.__init__ arguments (again!).
- Refactored engine intialization logic.
- This code passes testpyke and testexamples.

2009-01-13 14:33:06 View
[5d0d34] (449 Bytes) by mtnyogi

- Changed second param to engine.__init__ to be a dotted module path (same
default behavior).
- Added check for trying to load files from a zip archive.
- Added files to Test directories.
- Now Tests and examples should run from any directory.
- ./testall passes.
- Still need to update (and regenerate) the documentation.

2008-12-29 02:37:12 View
[7a5f9c] (340 Bytes) by mtnyogi

1. Deleted ':' after rule names in documentation.
2. Added DeprecationWarning for ':' after rule names in .krb files.
3. Added question_base as a full knowledge_base what gets compiled into
4. Added get_ke method to
5. Renamed gen_dir => gen_root_location and gen_root_dir => gen_root_pkg in
knowledge_engine.__init__ args.
6. Converted examples/learn_pyke to new question_base format.

Still need to update the documentation for all of the above.

Passes ./testall

2008-07-26 00:07:41 View
[fa777b] (217 Bytes) by mtnyogi

1. Some enhancements to pyke/
- Cleaned up prompting.
- Added answer_reviews to questions to print out messages based on which
answer is chosen.
- Added "asked" method to see if the question has already been asked for a
certain set of parameter values.
- Automatically print an error message and re-ask the question if a
ValueError is raised during the "get_input" or "convert" methods.
2. Added learn_pyke example as an experimental Computer Based Training (CBT)
program. Currently, it only teaches patterns and pattern matching.

2008-06-23 01:05:26 View