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[ef7132] by mtnyogi

Final release 1.0 commit.

2009-03-18 18:55:20 Tree
[dce036] by mtnyogi

Preparing release 1.0

2009-03-18 18:49:57 Tree
[cf0d05] by mtnyogi

- Added the ability to pass any module in the package to identify the source
package to knowledge_engine.engine().

2009-03-17 23:49:20 Tree
[cc52ad] by mtnyogi

- Included a copy of ply with Pyke so that the pyke/krb_compiler/*
files won't ever have to be recompiled after installation (since the user
may not always have permission to do this).

2009-03-06 19:02:16 Tree
[9c1b57] by mtnyogi

- Added mention of 'engine' variable within rules to documentation to fix bug
- Made separate 'init' functions in and to make it
easier to recompile the ply * files.

2009-02-15 16:36:21 Tree
[8be709] by mtnyogi

- Fixed bug 2569021: string literals don't work in .kfb files.
- Changed the .krb parser to iterate, rather than recurse on the list of rules
in the file so that it doesn't hit the recursion limit on large .krb files.
- Passes all ./testall tests.

2009-02-10 16:31:39 Tree
[6e8bf0] by mtnyogi

Added -Wd python option to test scripts.

2009-01-29 23:00:26 Tree
[500e14] by mtnyogi

- Preparing release 0.7

2009-01-17 21:45:01 Tree
[6ba6c5] by mtnyogi

- Getting ready for another release.
- Documentation is updated.
- ./testall works!

2009-01-16 16:50:51 Tree
[e547f5] by mtnyogi

- Cleaned up ".." directories in krb_traceback filenames.

2009-01-14 01:59:34 Tree
[37d4a7] by mtnyogi

- Lot's of bug fixes on the new target_pkg design.
- Now ./testall passes!

2009-01-13 20:27:59 Tree
[31b2a6] by mtnyogi

- Fix for bug 2496575.
- Changed engine.__init__ arguments (again!).
- Refactored engine intialization logic.
- This code passes testpyke and testexamples.

2009-01-13 14:33:06 Tree
[62dbd4] (0.6) by mtnyogi

- generated HTML documentation for release 0.6

2008-12-31 02:22:46 Tree
[a022d9] by mtnyogi

- Checking in Release documentation for 0.6 release.

2008-12-31 02:19:39 Tree
[eece38] by mtnyogi

- Works on Python 2.6 now without any complaining.

2008-12-30 00:52:26 Tree
[5d0d34] by mtnyogi

- Changed second param to engine.__init__ to be a dotted module path (same
default behavior).
- Added check for trying to load files from a zip archive.
- Added files to Test directories.
- Now Tests and examples should run from any directory.
- ./testall passes.
- Still need to update (and regenerate) the documentation.

2008-12-29 02:37:12 Tree
[2825a9] by mtnyogi

- Changed initialization of PLY lex and yacc to pass modules (to avoid
traceback inspection) and use pre-compiled tables files.
- Started on conversion of sqlgen example to sqlite3.

2008-12-25 18:56:46 Tree
[9b9741] by mtnyogi

Fixed bug when there are no facts in a fact list for a goal being

2008-11-22 04:40:23 Tree
[b3a32d] by mtnyogi

Release 0.5

2008-11-10 03:13:58 Tree
[2bb500] by mtnyogi

- updated documentation to reflect the changes in lookup and prove.
- fixed the problem with ./testdocs not honoring "from __future__ import
- made sure the copyright statements for all files that have changed in 2008
include 2008 in them.
- regenerated the html documentation.

./testall passes all tests now.

2008-09-24 19:46:26 Tree
[950987] by mtnyogi

Removed the code to mirror the source directory structures under
'compiled_krb' so that all generated files are now directly under

Combined the two directories to engine.__init__ into one. Updated the
using_pyke.txt document to reflect this.

./testall still gets errors on the 3 document files:

Because I still haven't figured out how to use "from __future__" in

2008-09-17 17:06:22 Tree
[c5e55d] by mtnyogi

Added check for source filename match on imports of generated .py modules and

This will let us place all generated files into one directory without the need
for subdirectories.

2008-09-16 20:29:22 Tree
[a1da97] by mtnyogi

Made engine.prove_n also return a context manager.

Changed the comments on the lookup/prove/prove_n functions to indicate that a
context manager is returned.

Still need to change documentation.

./testall only fails for 3 files in doc/source.

2008-09-16 19:30:45 Tree
[8c02ba] by mtnyogi

Changed lookup and prove to return context managers that return iterators when
"entered". Still have 2 .txt files in doc that fail tests.

Also need to convert prove_n to do the same thing.

All examples work.

2008-09-14 18:28:29 Tree
[603d29] by egon_wuchner

added explicit iterator generator close calls.
added 'remove -rf compiled_krb' to testexamples.

2008-09-02 18:57:37 Tree
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