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 <div class="section" id="using-different-facts-for-different-cases">
 <h2>Using Different Facts for Different Cases</h2>
 <p>But if you want to prove goals against different sets of facts or using
-different rule bases, you need to <a class="reference external" href="index.html#setting-up-different-cases">reset</a> the Pyke engine:</p>
+different rule bases, you need to <a class="reference external" href="index.html#using-different-facts-for-different-cases">reset</a> the Pyke engine:</p>
 <ol class="arabic">
 <li><p class="first">Create an <tt class="docutils literal"><span class="pre">engine</span></tt> object.</p>
 <pre class="doctest-block">

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