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 additional facts (through <a class="reference external" href="rules/forward_chaining.html">forward-chaining</a> rules), and/or to prove <em>goals</em>
 and optionally assemble Python functions
 into customized call graphs, called <a class="reference external" href="plans.html">plans</a> (through <a class="reference external" href="rules/backward_chaining.html">backward-chaining</a> rules).</p>
-<p>Pyke may then be <a class="reference external" href="../using_pyke/index.html#setting-up-different-cases">reset</a>, deleting the last set of facts, so that the cycle
+<p>Pyke may then be <a class="reference external" href="../using_pyke/index.html#using-different-facts-for-different-cases">reset</a>, deleting the last set of facts, so that the cycle
 may be repeated.  For each cycle a different rule base may be <a class="reference external" href="../using_pyke/index.html#getting-started">activated</a>.</p>
 <p>The <a class="reference external" href="plans.html">plan</a> capability allows the postponement of code execution until the
 top-level goal has been completely proven.  This shields the code from