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 treated as different question <a class="reference external" href="../logic_programming/statements.html">statements</a>.</p>
 <p>The answers to all questions are automatically remembered so that if multiple
 rules ask the same question, the end user only sees it once.  These answers
-are erased when an <a class="reference external" href="../using_pyke/index.html#setting-up-different-cases">engine.reset</a> is done.</p>
+are erased when an <a class="reference external" href="../using_pyke/index.html#using-different-facts-for-different-cases">engine.reset</a> is done.</p>
 <p>Finally, questions may have <em>reviews</em> attached to them to automatically
 display different canned messages (with parameter substitution) depending on
 the end user's answer.</p>

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