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[f17c13] (0.5) by mtnyogi

Release 0.5 - take 2!

2008-11-10 03:33:50 Tree
[b3a32d] by mtnyogi

Release 0.5

2008-11-10 03:13:58 Tree
[1b9ce9] by mtnyogi

- finished RELEASE_NOTES-0.5
- changed make_sitemap to sort the list of files so that two versions
may be diff-ed.

2008-11-09 00:02:43 Tree
[58b2e2] by mtnyogi

Adding RELEASE_NOTES-0.5 (still a copy of 0.4) to test svn commit.

2008-11-07 07:26:33 Tree
[80a7e6] by mtnyogi

doc/html files with new "last modified" dates.

2008-10-28 17:54:14 Tree
[a2119c] by mtnyogi

- Using last svn commit date for "Page last modified" date in
- Added uservalues -> filedate: $Id$ to all doc/source/*.txt files.

2008-10-27 19:57:42 Tree
[53737d] by mtnyogi

Added generation of doc/html/sitemap.xml.

2008-10-27 19:25:02 Tree
[2bb500] by mtnyogi

- updated documentation to reflect the changes in lookup and prove.
- fixed the problem with ./testdocs not honoring "from __future__ import
- made sure the copyright statements for all files that have changed in 2008
include 2008 in them.
- regenerated the html documentation.

./testall passes all tests now.

2008-09-24 19:46:26 Tree
[950987] by mtnyogi

Removed the code to mirror the source directory structures under
'compiled_krb' so that all generated files are now directly under

Combined the two directories to engine.__init__ into one. Updated the
using_pyke.txt document to reflect this.

./testall still gets errors on the 3 document files:

Because I still haven't figured out how to use "from __future__" in

2008-09-17 17:06:22 Tree
[c5e55d] by mtnyogi

Added check for source filename match on imports of generated .py modules and

This will let us place all generated files into one directory without the need
for subdirectories.

2008-09-16 20:29:22 Tree
[a1da97] by mtnyogi

Made engine.prove_n also return a context manager.

Changed the comments on the lookup/prove/prove_n functions to indicate that a
context manager is returned.

Still need to change documentation.

./testall only fails for 3 files in doc/source.

2008-09-16 19:30:45 Tree
[8c02ba] by mtnyogi

Changed lookup and prove to return context managers that return iterators when
"entered". Still have 2 .txt files in doc that fail tests.

Also need to convert prove_n to do the same thing.

All examples work.

2008-09-14 18:28:29 Tree
[603d29] by egon_wuchner

added explicit iterator generator close calls.
added 'remove -rf compiled_krb' to testexamples.

2008-09-02 18:57:37 Tree
[f61484] by mtnyogi

Small changes to doc/cheatsheets/making_a_release...

2008-08-31 01:40:51 Tree
[00a03b] (0.4) by mtnyogi

Final commit for release 0.4.

2008-08-30 23:45:30 Tree
[97f053] by mtnyogi

Commit in preperation for release.

- Moved experimental files out of the way to fix the setup error reported in

./testall works

2008-08-30 21:31:42 Tree
[23a00c] by mtnyogi

Link checks done!

2008-08-30 01:50:32 Tree
[164998] by mtnyogi

Oops! Forgot to do bin/gen_html first...

2008-08-29 21:17:12 Tree
[0ee160] by mtnyogi

Finished with the documentation! (Well, almost -- still would like to do a
link test).

Passes ./testall!

2008-08-29 21:14:47 Tree
[842043] by egon_wuchner

added a second metaclass approach.

2008-08-28 19:38:04 Tree
[0d9d26] by mtnyogi

Fixed a bug in add_links/strip_links scripts that caused all html files to be
updated each time gen_html was run.

This should be the last time that all html files are updated!

2008-08-23 18:19:49 Tree
[bfcaf9] by mtnyogi

Updated doc/source/knowledge_bases.

Also fixed a bug in pyke/ raising subprocess.CalledProcessError.

2008-08-22 20:39:56 Tree
[d7e01c] by mtnyogi

More documention updates.

But also added the pyke/ so that people can play with it...

2008-08-21 18:00:14 Tree
[daaa92] by mtnyogi

Another step further on the documentation. Starting to see light at the end
of the tunnel!

./testall works!

2008-08-20 19:03:02 Tree
[e16031] by mtnyogi

bin/gen_html works now!

2008-08-17 03:09:10 Tree
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