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This is the source directory for the version of Pyke that is ready for

To use this:

Get a copy of this directory from subversion (use checkout rather than export
so the the next step can undo some of the 2to3 changes):

    $ svn checkout \
      https://pyke.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/pyke/branches/pre_2to3 \

Run the provided script to run 2to3 on the sources to convert them to
Python3.0.  (Note: the 2to3 program comes with both Python2.6 and Python3.x
and should be installed on your system when you install either of these
versions of Python):

    $ cd some_new_directory
    $ ./run_2to3 > /dev/null

Then you can either put some_new_directory on your PYTHONPATH, or install it.
But note that putting some_new_directory on your PYTHONPATH also allows you to
run the examples!

Putting some_new_directory on your PYTHONPATH:

    $ cd ~/.local/lib/python3.0/site-packages
    $ echo full/path/to/some_new_directory > any_name.pth

Installing Pyke:

    $ python3.0 setup.py install

Please do *not* commit any changes from some_new_directory, as 2to3 has
changed nearly all of the source files! 


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