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pre_2to3 Log

Commit Date  
[c203b8] by mtnyogi

This revision is the base for the 0.3 release.

1. Finished updating the documentation.
2. Finished updating examples.
3. Changed the url format on the web_framework example to include "movie"
before the movie id.
4. Added plan caching to the web_framework example.
5. Removed the requirement to place a backslash before the "taking" clause
when it appears on the next line.
6. Changed "nls" to NL_TOK in since the scanner only emits one
NL_TOK if there are multiple newlines in a row (including lines with just
spaces and/or comments).

2008-06-08 22:14:22 Tree
[4f21c6] by mtnyogi

1. Finished updating web_framework example.
2. Converted web.krb interface to facilitate plan caching.

testall works.

2008-06-04 02:18:47 Tree
[4095a6] by mtnyogi

1. Finished updating sqlgen example.
2. Started updating web_framework example.

Testall works.

2008-06-04 01:40:28 Tree
[7ccc7b] by mtnyogi

1. More work updating sqlgen example to use new forall/notany/first/python
clauses. (More work needed).
2. Added check on anonymous constructor to make sure name starts with an

This passes testall tests.

2008-06-04 00:52:58 Tree
[f1a377] by mtnyogi

1. Fixed bug in 'forall' with the 'require' option.
2. Started converting the examples to use the new forall/notany/python/first
3. Changed anonymous variables to be any name starting with an underscore.

2008-06-03 21:53:43 Tree
[f66b44] by mtnyogi

1. Added `first` clause.
2. Started documenting the new forall/notany/python/first clauses.
3. Added code to recompile .krb files when the pyke version changes.
4. Moved string format that generates sql command out of with clause and into
when clause in sqlgen (since it doesn't change for each execution of the

This passes the testall tests.
The documentation still needs more work.

2008-05-20 17:54:31 Tree
[9cf235] by egon_wuchner

implemented python clause and findall example.

2008-05-20 07:06:27 Tree
[543a06] by egon_wuchner


2008-05-15 06:27:49 Tree
[27ec57] by mtnyogi

1. Fixed a few small bugs in examples/notany
2. Added test to engine.prove_n to raise TypeError if fixed_args is a string.
3. Fixed testpyke to not complain that hasn't been compiled
just because Krb_filename is different.
4. Fixed editing of paths in testexample and testTest scripts to remove ./
from path.

2008-05-08 16:50:30 Tree
[50e9b4] by egon_wuchner


2008-05-08 06:22:51 Tree
[526e90] by mtnyogi

Fixed how fc_forall gets rerun when new facts are asserted after the rule has
already been run.

2008-05-06 22:02:18 Tree
[ed186b] by mtnyogi

Added Test directory with testTest script, called from top-level testall.

Started documenting FC forall.

Put ellipsis (...) into annoying doc/source/using_pyke.tst krb_traceback

2008-05-05 18:31:33 Tree
[5b9ac5] by egon_wuchner

bc notany implemented. only manual tests work. trunk/pyke/testpyke works. trunk/testall ends up with web_framework.tst errors.

2008-05-05 08:22:19 Tree
[5846e0] by mtnyogi

BC forall code generation coded. First test works. And testall works.

2008-05-04 12:59:50 Tree
[fc35ed] by mtnyogi

First batch of changes for code generation of BC forall. Not done yet, but
testall still works...

2008-05-03 01:48:19 Tree
[7cd0dd] by mtnyogi

1. Removed colon_opt from `python` assertion clause.

2. Changed syntax to allow either "python one_line_of_code" or "python NL
INDENT many_lines_of_code DEINDENT" on `python` assertion clause.

3. Added code generation for fc_forall and got it to pass initial tests.

2008-05-02 21:05:18 Tree
[271449] by mtnyogi

commented out test grammer error in

2008-04-28 22:42:04 Tree
[c593ff] by mtnyogi

1. Made use of ':' in krb syntax deprecated
- warning message is commented out for now
- haven't changed documentation yet
- have changed examples/
2. Added 'forall' syntax
- not added to compiler.krb or documentation yet, other than doc/ast_syntax
3. Added pyke/krb_compiler/TEST files to doctests in and

2008-04-28 18:57:05 Tree
[c031ad] by mtnyogi

Added 'Examples' page to the html documentation.

2008-04-13 22:03:08 Tree
[8d35ae] by mtnyogi

Moved doc/ to top-level

2008-04-11 02:42:57 Tree
[734c69] by mtnyogi

1. Took out tmp_itertools getting ready for python3.0.
2. Added test scripts starting with top-level testall script.

2008-04-11 02:35:46 Tree
[f906c3] by mtnyogi

- change 2 references to 'compiler' subdirectory to 'krb_compiler': in
doc/source/installing_pyke.txt and README.
- fixed bug with python: assertions in fc rules.

2008-04-08 01:22:26 Tree
[c8540c] by mtnyogi

Changed file(...) calls to open(...) and removed unnecessary
contextlib.closing calls around open(...)s.

2008-03-21 15:17:16 Tree
[965ee7] by mtnyogi

Converted some itertools.imap calls to generator expressions

2008-03-19 17:00:27 Tree
[c65e43] by mtnyogi

Expanded tabs in all *.py files

2008-03-19 16:34:25 Tree
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