pre_2to3 Log

Commit Date  
[bd3505] by mtnyogi

Renamed all README files to README.txt

Also did some fix up to doc/source/about_pyke/modifying_pyke.txt.

Passes ./testpyke, link checks and spell checks on documentation.

2009-11-03 16:37:50 Tree
[938f73] by mtnyogi

Fix to examples/web_framework/web_framework.tst.

2009-10-28 16:05:32 Tree
[efe1d1] by mtnyogi

merge with release_1 test changes

2009-10-28 15:00:00 Tree
[473574] by mtnyogi

Replaced testall script to use doctest-tools

2009-10-28 13:31:57 Tree
[87e5be] by mtnyogi

Dropped all of the sub-testX scripts.

The doctest-tools testall script will work from the root source directory now
for both Python 2.5 and 2.6. But it doesn't delete all of the compiled_krb
files first.

So we're not quite done upgrading the testing yet! But there are a lot of
changes to this point, and I wanted to checkpoint everything...

2009-10-25 03:23:12 Tree
[3e0ae6] by mtnyogi

Cleaning up test scripts.

2009-10-24 19:45:30 Tree
[1474ae] by mtnyogi

Changed python3.0 to python3.1 or python3.x

2009-10-20 14:22:06 Tree
[c237fe] by mtnyogi

Automated merge with file:///home/bruce/python/workareas/pyke-hg/pyke

2009-10-20 13:51:52 Tree
[f3d7de] by mtnyogi

Changed all references to svn to hg.

In documentation, cheatsheets and shell scripts.

Have not regenerated the html documents yet.

2009-10-19 16:36:15 Tree
[ef8783] by mtnyogi

Removed .svn directories from find commands.

2009-10-18 19:11:24 Tree
[e23356] by mtnyogi

Changed test scripts to automatically set PYTHONPATH.

This is to support being able to simultaneously work with several hg clones
of the project.

2009-07-25 15:30:00 Tree
[e6e990] by mtnyogi

Merging in changes from trunk (rev 251), which came from the release_1.0
branch (rev 250).

2009-06-01 17:41:12 Tree
[057d79] by mtnyogi

- mostly little documentation fixes.
- applied patch #2787699: hash function returns void
- did some enhancements to examples/web_framework/web_framework.tst to better
report server errors.

2009-05-14 22:12:38 Tree
[1da045] by mtnyogi

- Looks like I finally got web_framework.tst where I want it!
- Also changed some_dict.items() => some_dict.iteritems() in
so 2to3 doesn't wrap them in list() calls.
- This should pass all testall tests on Python3.0! (after running ./run_2to3
on it).

2009-03-26 19:02:44 Tree
[c66806] by mtnyogi

- OK, I think I've finally got a web_framework.tst that will report errors!

2009-03-26 18:36:17 Tree
[c30276] by mtnyogi

- Preparing to merge more changes from trunk...

2009-03-26 18:37:09 Tree
[53cf0e] by mtnyogi

- Merged in changes from trunk through r222.
- Another attempt at getting web_framework.tst to report errors better.

2009-03-26 17:28:10 Tree
[124b5d] by mtnyogi

- Yet another attempt at making web_framework.tst better at reporting errors...

2009-03-26 17:17:44 Tree
[252a28] by mtnyogi

- Merged in changes from trunk through r219.
- This has web_framework changes:
- for Python3.0
- to hopefully write error messages from server in web_framework.tst

2009-03-26 14:34:54 Tree
[4aaf2b] by mtnyogi

- Some web_framework cleanup, for Python3.0 and to hopefully show errors
better from web_framework.tst.

2009-03-26 14:21:54 Tree
[27ea01] by mtnyogi

- Added (this is the 1.5.0 version, unchanged).
- A few more tweaks towards getting testall to work. I think that the
web_framework.tst is the only test failing now.

2009-03-26 14:24:20 Tree
[abb78e] by mtnyogi

- This gets testdocs working and should be close to getting testall working...

2009-03-25 22:18:02 Tree
[08db70] by mtnyogi

- First set of fixes specific to Python3.0.

2009-03-25 18:33:43 Tree
[28aa4e] by mtnyogi

- Fixed bug in examples/web_framework/README
- Slight reorder of making_a_release steps.

2009-03-19 13:31:31 Tree
[6e8bf0] by mtnyogi

Added -Wd python option to test scripts.

2009-01-29 23:00:26 Tree
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