pre_2to3 Log

Commit Date  
[80220d] (1.0.2) by mtnyogi

Final commit for release 1.0.2.

2009-04-21 20:23:42 Tree
[54a3fb] by mtnyogi

Setting up for release 1.0.2.

2009-04-21 20:18:42 Tree
[81d767] by mtnyogi

- Added zip_safe to so that Pyke's eggs aren't unzipped when
- Added mention in the using_pyke.txt document that Pyke supports source
package directories in zipped egg files.

2009-04-21 19:49:16 Tree
[020dc4] by mtnyogi

- Updated to PLY version 3.2.
- Still passes ./testall.

2009-04-21 19:15:19 Tree
[2f5b42] by mtnyogi

- Added test with compiled_krb files in eggs.
- Upgraded to new version of (version: 0.6c9)
- Fixed a small documentation error in
logic_programming/rules/backward_chaining.txt (reported by Mr. Spoon)
- This version passes ./testall.

2009-04-21 18:05:08 Tree
[871939] by mtnyogi

Fix for bug 2729315: IndexError: list index out of range.

2009-04-04 00:52:47 Tree
[371c4c] by mtnyogi

Ran gen_html in pre_2to3 to bring the html files up to date with the Python3.0
changes to the document sources.

2009-04-03 14:40:33 Tree
[361e09] by mtnyogi

Merged in changes from trunk, through r233.
- Making release 1.0.1.

2009-04-03 14:28:30 Tree
[103734] by mtnyogi

Merged changes from release_1.0 branch, through r232 into trunk.
- After making release 1.0.1.

2009-04-03 14:25:14 Tree
[9a26aa] by mtnyogi

Cleanup to and making_a_release after making release 1.0.1...

2009-04-03 14:22:05 Tree
[32c3f5] (1.0.1) by mtnyogi

Final commit for release 1.0.1.

2009-04-02 20:08:37 Tree
[3f628a] by mtnyogi

- Initial commit for release 1.0.1.

2009-04-02 20:02:27 Tree
[39a916] by mtnyogi

- Added README-3.0 file.

2009-04-02 20:01:43 Tree
[1da045] by mtnyogi

- Looks like I finally got web_framework.tst where I want it!
- Also changed some_dict.items() => some_dict.iteritems() in
so 2to3 doesn't wrap them in list() calls.
- This should pass all testall tests on Python3.0! (after running ./run_2to3
on it).

2009-03-26 19:02:44 Tree
[b788b2] by mtnyogi

- Merged changes from release_1.0 through r224.
- Hopefully final version of web_framework.tst!

2009-03-26 18:38:07 Tree
[c66806] by mtnyogi

- OK, I think I've finally got a web_framework.tst that will report errors!

2009-03-26 18:36:17 Tree
[c30276] by mtnyogi

- Preparing to merge more changes from trunk...

2009-03-26 18:37:09 Tree
[53cf0e] by mtnyogi

- Merged in changes from trunk through r222.
- Another attempt at getting web_framework.tst to report errors better.

2009-03-26 17:28:10 Tree
[f5130a] by mtnyogi

- Merged in changes from release_1.0 through r221.
- Another attempt at making web_framework.tst report errors better.

2009-03-26 17:19:39 Tree
[124b5d] by mtnyogi

- Yet another attempt at making web_framework.tst better at reporting errors...

2009-03-26 17:17:44 Tree
[252a28] by mtnyogi

- Merged in changes from trunk through r219.
- This has web_framework changes:
- for Python3.0
- to hopefully write error messages from server in web_framework.tst

2009-03-26 14:34:54 Tree
[f6f592] by mtnyogi

- Merged in changes from release_1.0 through r217.
- Some updates to the web_framework example.
- for Python3.0
- to hopefully print errors when web_framework.tst doesn't work so we know
why it's failing.

2009-03-26 14:25:53 Tree
[4aaf2b] by mtnyogi

- Some web_framework cleanup, for Python3.0 and to hopefully show errors
better from web_framework.tst.

2009-03-26 14:21:54 Tree
[27ea01] by mtnyogi

- Added (this is the 1.5.0 version, unchanged).
- A few more tweaks towards getting testall to work. I think that the
web_framework.tst is the only test failing now.

2009-03-26 14:24:20 Tree
[abb78e] by mtnyogi

- This gets testdocs working and should be close to getting testall working...

2009-03-25 22:18:02 Tree
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