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+0.1.alpha2 RELEASE NOTES 2/12/2008
+I expect only minor feature enhancements at this point and am focusing now
+on testing.  Often the sources under subversion are more stable than the
+alpha release.
+Please report bugs to http://sourceforge.net/projects/pyke at either:
+    forum => help
+ or tracker => bugs
+The pyke inference engine was converted into an object so that multiple
+instances can be used simultaniously running different rule bases.  This
+changed the top-level interfaces into pyke.  The "load" function is now
+the constructor on the pyke.engine class.  There have been some new
+arguments added to it since the alpha1 release.  See the new "Using Pyke"
+web page.
+All other top-level pyke.X functions are now <engine_obj>.X methods.
+The function names and arguments remain the same.
+The .krb syntax has not changed, but the compiled python modules have.  If
+you are upgrading from the alpha1 release, the compiled python modules are
+now placed into a ./compiled_krb directory which is created automatically.
+(You can change the location and/or name of this directory through the new
+arguments to the pyke.engine constructor).  You'll need to delete the
+generated *_fc.py, *_bc.py, and *_plans.py files and their corresponding
+.pyc and .pyo files.
+If you are upgrading from a subversion release and already have generated
+python modules in a "compiled_krb" directory, you will need to either delete
+the generated *_fc.py, *_bc.py, and *_plans.py files or "touch" your *.krb
+files to cause them to be recompiled by the new system.
+The following Feature Requests have been implemented:
+#1865574: Create top-level pyke class
+A krb_traceback module has been added to translate filename, line,
+linenumber and function name information from the generated python modules
+into equivalent information for the source .krb files.
+See the new "Using Pyke" web page.
+Substantial changes to the following web pages:
+    Using Pyke
+    Overview -> Plans
+    Overview -> Knowledge Bases -> Rule Bases
+    KRB Syntax -> Bc_rule
+The following Bugs have been fixed:
+#1864966: PYTHONPATH ignored for compiler invocation 
+#1861999: update clause plan documentation
+#1861997: sys.path must match pyke.load()
+#1861993: extending mismatch between activate and prove
+#1861992: plan enumeration is broken
+#1861988: prove_1 exception error
+#1843445: KeyError in _unbind
+#1843408: facts are not matched in the correct order
+#1843395: "%(rule_name)s" in error text
+#1830762: "'python2.5' is not recognized" on windows