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pre_2to3 Log

Commit Date  
[500e14] by mtnyogi

- Preparing release 0.7

2009-01-17 21:45:01 Tree
[6ba6c5] by mtnyogi

- Getting ready for another release.
- Documentation is updated.
- ./testall works!

2009-01-16 16:50:51 Tree
[e547f5] by mtnyogi

- Cleaned up ".." directories in krb_traceback filenames.

2009-01-14 01:59:34 Tree
[37d4a7] by mtnyogi

- Lot's of bug fixes on the new target_pkg design.
- Now ./testall passes!

2009-01-13 20:27:59 Tree
[31b2a6] by mtnyogi

- Fix for bug 2496575.
- Changed engine.__init__ arguments (again!).
- Refactored engine intialization logic.
- This code passes testpyke and testexamples.

2009-01-13 14:33:06 Tree
[62dbd4] (0.6) by mtnyogi

- generated HTML documentation for release 0.6

2008-12-31 02:22:46 Tree
[a022d9] by mtnyogi

- Checking in Release documentation for 0.6 release.

2008-12-31 02:19:39 Tree
[5df5fc] by mtnyogi

- Commit in preperation for the 0.6 release.
- This contains the document changes.

2008-12-30 17:11:25 Tree
[eece38] by mtnyogi

- Works on Python 2.6 now without any complaining.

2008-12-30 00:52:26 Tree
[5d0d34] by mtnyogi

- Changed second param to engine.__init__ to be a dotted module path (same
default behavior).
- Added check for trying to load files from a zip archive.
- Added files to Test directories.
- Now Tests and examples should run from any directory.
- ./testall passes.
- Still need to update (and regenerate) the documentation.

2008-12-29 02:37:12 Tree
[fe1a23] by mtnyogi

- Looks like sqlite3 conversion is working now. The testall script passes all

2008-12-27 02:12:04 Tree
[9db752] by mtnyogi

- Did another merge from mysql to sqlite3 in examples/sqlgen.
- Have another change to merge (therefore this commit...)

2008-12-25 20:09:27 Tree
[632068] by mtnyogi

- Merged changes from load_mysql_schema into load_sqlite3_schema.
- Started changes for different paramstyles (need to commit before another
- Added sqlite3.db file.

2008-12-25 20:03:33 Tree
[2825a9] by mtnyogi

- Changed initialization of PLY lex and yacc to pass modules (to avoid
traceback inspection) and use pre-compiled tables files.
- Started on conversion of sqlgen example to sqlite3.

2008-12-25 18:56:46 Tree
[9b9741] by mtnyogi

Fixed bug when there are no facts in a fact list for a goal being

2008-11-22 04:40:23 Tree
[4368e1] by mtnyogi

Added Google Analytics code snippet to documentation web pages.

2008-11-14 03:19:58 Tree
[cab589] by mtnyogi

Added Google Group announcement to doc/cheatsheets/making_a_release.

2008-11-14 01:42:04 Tree
[f17c13] (0.5) by mtnyogi

Release 0.5 - take 2!

2008-11-10 03:33:50 Tree
[b3a32d] by mtnyogi

Release 0.5

2008-11-10 03:13:58 Tree
[1b9ce9] by mtnyogi

- finished RELEASE_NOTES-0.5
- changed make_sitemap to sort the list of files so that two versions
may be diff-ed.

2008-11-09 00:02:43 Tree
[58b2e2] by mtnyogi

Adding RELEASE_NOTES-0.5 (still a copy of 0.4) to test svn commit.

2008-11-07 07:26:33 Tree
[80a7e6] by mtnyogi

doc/html files with new "last modified" dates.

2008-10-28 17:54:14 Tree
[a2119c] by mtnyogi

- Using last svn commit date for "Page last modified" date in
- Added uservalues -> filedate: $Id$ to all doc/source/*.txt files.

2008-10-27 19:57:42 Tree
[53737d] by mtnyogi

Added generation of doc/html/sitemap.xml.

2008-10-27 19:25:02 Tree
[2bb500] by mtnyogi

- updated documentation to reflect the changes in lookup and prove.
- fixed the problem with ./testdocs not honoring "from __future__ import
- made sure the copyright statements for all files that have changed in 2008
include 2008 in them.
- regenerated the html documentation.

./testall passes all tests now.

2008-09-24 19:46:26 Tree
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