pre_2to3 Log

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[abb78e] (9.5 kB) by mtnyogi

- This gets testdocs working and should be close to getting testall working...

2009-03-25 22:18:02 View
[fe1a23] (9.5 kB) by mtnyogi

- Looks like sqlite3 conversion is working now. The testall script passes all

2008-12-27 02:12:04 View
[1053a7] (9.4 kB) by mtnyogi

- implemented .kfb files
- documented question bases, .kqb and .kfb files
- documented new special.commands
- added 'load_fb' parameter to knowledge_engine.engine.__init__
- fixed bug in qa_helpers.match when matching slices to strings (wasn't
checking len(string)).
- fixed bug in web_framework example -- not doing database commit.

./testall works.

2008-08-10 01:55:45 View
[eb84e0] (9.1 kB) by mtnyogi

1. Added Schema.{dia,png} to examples/sqlgen
2. Added performance testing and profiling harnesses to examples/web_framework
3. Fixed a bug in examples/web_framework where the returned document was not
placed into a singleton tuple.

2008-07-01 19:52:25 View
[c203b8] (9.1 kB) by mtnyogi

This revision is the base for the 0.3 release.

1. Finished updating the documentation.
2. Finished updating examples.
3. Changed the url format on the web_framework example to include "movie"
before the movie id.
4. Added plan caching to the web_framework example.
5. Removed the requirement to place a backslash before the "taking" clause
when it appears on the next line.
6. Changed "nls" to NL_TOK in since the scanner only emits one
NL_TOK if there are multiple newlines in a row (including lines with just
spaces and/or comments).

2008-06-08 22:14:22 View
[4f21c6] (5.2 kB) by mtnyogi

1. Finished updating web_framework example.
2. Converted web.krb interface to facilitate plan caching.

testall works.

2008-06-04 02:18:47 View
[4095a6] (5.7 kB) by mtnyogi

1. Finished updating sqlgen example.
2. Started updating web_framework example.

Testall works.

2008-06-04 01:40:28 View
[c593ff] (6.0 kB) by mtnyogi

1. Made use of ':' in krb syntax deprecated
- warning message is commented out for now
- haven't changed documentation yet
- have changed examples/
2. Added 'forall' syntax
- not added to compiler.krb or documentation yet, other than doc/ast_syntax
3. Added pyke/krb_compiler/TEST files to doctests in and

2008-04-28 18:57:05 View
[c8540c] (6.0 kB) by mtnyogi

Changed file(...) calls to open(...) and removed unnecessary
contextlib.closing calls around open(...)s.

2008-03-21 15:17:16 View
[e67fdb] (6.0 kB) by mtnyogi

1. Moved pyke/ to pyke/ so that pyke doesn't
get imported when you unpickle plans.
2. Added module to pyke.
3. Added type check for args parameter to add_*_fact and assert_ in
knowledge_engine.engine. Also now accept any iterable (other than strings)
as args parameter.
4. Added final parameter to lookup_data and create_plan calls in prove_[n1]
to convert prototype plans stored in pattern variables into real plans.
5. Added parenthesis around $pattern_name expansions in the generated python
code (though, on hindsight, I'm not sure this was really needed).
6. Commented out prints in examples/sqlgen/database.krb.
7. Added movie id 3 to a second DVD in examples/sqlgen/catalog.txt.
8. Added examples/web_framework example.

2008-03-06 03:03:50 View

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