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1.0 RELEASE NOTES Mar 18, 2009

This fixes two bugs in Pyke and is Pyke's first full release version!

Please report bugs to http://sourceforge.net/projects/pyke at either:

    forum => help
 or tracker => bugs




Added the following features:

    - Changed the .krb parser to iterate, rather than recurse, on the list of
      rules in the file so that it doesn't hit the recursion limit on large
      .krb files.
    - Now including a copy of PLY with the Pyke sources so that I can release
      the compiled pyke/krb_compiler/*_tables.py files with Pyke and not have
      PLY try to recompile them (which generally gets a permission violation
      because normal users can't write the Python's site-packages directory).
    - Added the option to pass any module within the package to identify the
      source package to knowledge_engine.engine().


The following bugs have been fixed:

    - Fixed bug 2569021: string literals don't work in .kfb files.
    - Added mention of 'engine' variable within the rules documentation to fix
      bug 2588191.